New Bash Alias: Git Out

New Bash Alias: Git Out


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Up until now, we only had git commit and git push. But what about git out? If you know what it feels like to be left out, you should empathize with this command. Even though it is a part of this legendary trio, it is never actually used.

But not today, Not anymore! Let's right the wrongs of this society! So, if you are with me!

Open Your .bashrc File!

nano ~/.bashrc

Add This Line! & Save it! (ctrl+x, y, return)

git() { if [[ $@ == "out" ]]; then command "exit"; else command git "$@"; fi; }

And Finally! Source it!

source ~/.bashrc

Good job! Be Proud! Because of you, there is one less lonely command!

PS: Feel free to share any meme command out there.